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Simple Collision Generator Script for Maya

Simple Collision GeneratorSo my mind has drifted in a new direction and I thought what Maya script could I start working on next. One thing every game artist or maybe level designers have to deal with is building collision meshes. Well maybe we let the interns deal with it. Any way, no matter who is working on building your collision meshes, usually you want to build a quick and simple mesh to surround your object. It’s a pain to have to do this over and over manually so when not make simple shapes with MEL and go from there! Well, the script I’m currently working on will do just that, I hope. Here are the steps that my script will go through:

1. The artist, designer, or intern starts up the script and appears a small window.

2. The said person selects a mesh(es) and chooses the type of collision they want. (box, sphere, cylinder, capsule or selected vertices.

3. Using some math the type of collision mesh selected is created and moved to the center of the meshes that were selected in step 2.

That’s it! Of course I’ll probably rename the collision mesh to take the name of the selected mesh, and some other features hidden from the user. I already have the simple 6 sided cube (box) working and I’m sure the selected vertices option will take up most of my time figuring out the math and setup I need. Wish me luck…so far so good.

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